Propose an undersea feature name

You can propose names for undersea features such as seamounts, troughs, ridges and sea channels on the continental shelf of New Zealand and in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica.

We encourage other nations to consult with us before naming undersea features within our jurisdiction.

We have the exclusive right to name undersea features within 12 nautical miles of our territory. Beyond that anyone can propose an undersea feature name, but they must consult with us first if the feature is within our responsibility.

Make your proposal online

Our online proposal form will take you step by step through the process for proposing a name for an undersea feature. Please ensure you provide all the information we need.

Make a proposal for an undersea feature name

Make your proposal on a paper form

You can also make your proposal in hardcopy. Our proposal forms for undersea feature names are available in English and Māori:

Guides and other information

These documents and resources will help you to complete the proposal form:

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