Landonline Standing Orders Report

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The Standing Orders Report lists all the plans from anywhere in New Zealand on which a given action has occurred within the Landonline database during the previous week. It is distributed weekly by email as an MS Excel file.

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Plans come into the list for the first time when the following actions occur:

  • Land Transfer (LT) plan has been deposited
  • Māori Land (ML) plan is registered
  • Survey Office (SO) plan is authorised.

Dates for the following actions may be shown:

  • ‘Lodged’ date is the date that the plan is submitted to LINZ.
  • ‘Authorised’ date is the date on which the plan is approved as to survey.
  • ‘Registered’ date is, for LT plans, the date on which the plan is deposited within Landonline, and for ML plans the date on which the Māori Land Court judge approves the plan.
  • ‘Deposited’ date is the lodged date for the dealing that deposits an LT plan.

Some of the plans included in the Standing Orders Report may not have any recent dates in the Lodged, Authorised, Registered or Deposited columns. In these instances, an action has occurred within the Landonline database during the week prior to the report date, but the effective date of the change has been back-dated.

Back dating can occur in certain circumstances. For example, if a title dealing is lodged before the associated land transfer plan is ‘authorised’ the plan will have a ‘registered’ (ie deposited) date that matches the date on which the title dealing was lodged, thus pre-dating the authorised date.

Many plans that were processed manually prior to the implementation of Landonline have still to be entered into the database. These are known as Work in Progress (WIP) plans, and all have a plan number lower than 300,000. (Note, however, that this does not necessarily mean that every plan with a number lower than 300,000 is a WIP plan.) When action is taken to bring WIP plans into the Landonline database they will appear in the Standing Orders Report even though a number of them will be ‘old’ plans. The lodged, authorised and registered dates are those on which the plan was manually processed to each stage. Fortunately, the number of WIP plans is steadily reducing.

We do not assume that every plan included in the Standing Orders Report will be of new interest to recipients of the report. The dates shown against any plan that a customer may contemplate purchasing should be checked, in case the dates are ‘old’ and a copy of the plan has been purchased previously.