Historic property databases

If you have been using LINZ title and survey data for some time, you may sometimes need to refer to our reference material about our legacy data systems.

Bulk Data Extract

Our former Bulk Data Extract service provided a monthly extract of tables from Landonline, delivered to customers on a DVD. The Bulk Data Extract service was discontinued in 2015 and all data is now available from the Full Landonline Dataset on the LINZ Data Service. 

Digital Cadastral Database

From the mid-1980s, cadastral record maps were digitized to form the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). This was our first system to contain digitised cadastral records, and was superseded by Landonline. From time to time, Toitū Te Whenua customers interested in data from Landonline need to refer to information about the DCDB to understand the lineage and context of Landonline data.

Maintenance of the DCDB stopped for each district on these dates:

  • Otago - 30 March 2000
  • Southland - 26 October 2000
  • Canterbury - 23 November 2000
  • Nelson - 29 March 2001
  • Westland - 23 May 2001
  • Marlborough - 30 May 2001
  • Wellington - 7 June 2001
  • Gisborne - 9 August 2001
  • Hawkes Bay - 6 September 2001
  • South Auckland - 10 October 2001
  • Taranaki - 5 December 2001
  • North Auckland - 22 March 2002

DCDB Data Characteristics

This historic document provides information about the lineage of some Landonline cadastral data. View DCDB Data Characteristics.

Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) mapping dataset

This historic document provides information on the data that was converted from DCDB into Landonline, and provides the mapping of each DCDB feature into Landonline. Download technical documentation below about mapping of DCDB features into Landonline. View Mapping of DCDB features into Landonline