Regulatory systems have two main components; design and delivery. These components cover eight functions. Three relate to regulatory system design and five to delivery.

The functions range from system strategy through to evaluation and not all functions are necessarily performed by the lead regulatory agency, nor are they performed in order as the diagram suggests.

We are responsible for four regulatory systems, which are:

  • Property Rights - is the state-guaranteed system of property rights, restrictions and responsibilities over most land and property in New Zealand. This system relies on the survey and geodetic sub-systems which establish property boundaries to which rights apply.
  • Property Information system provides a range of (non-private) information used for making property-related decisions. It includes – but is not limited to - information underpinned by legislation.
  • Crown Land system is made up of the:
    • Crown Pastoral Land system which provides for Crown-owned land to be leased for the purpose of pastoral farming.
    • Crown Estate Management system that enables the Crown to acquire and dispose of land in a way that balances both the public interest and private property rights.
  • Overseas Investment System ensures any overseas investment in New Zealand’s sensitive assets (including land, significant business assets and fishing quotas) benefits New Zealand.

Assessing how our regulatory systems perform

Assessments tell us how a regulatory system is performing, and recommends areas for improvement.

Following best practise, assessments focus on how the system functions as a whole, rather than the framework that supports it. They will not include policy reviews although assessment may inform them. 

Learn when we plan to assess each regulatory system below.

Regulatory system

To be completed by

Crown Pastoral Land

Crown Pastoral Land assessment and recommendations (PDF 565KB)

Crown Estate Management

Crown Estate Management assessment and recommendations (PDF 407KB)

Property Rights

Completed by December 2019

Overseas Investment

Completed by March  2020

Property Information

Completed by September 2020

Last Updated: 8 October 2019