Troubleshoot new Landonline - Dealings

If you’re having trouble using new Landonline - Dealings, there may be a simple solution.

Issues and what to check

How do I exit a specific dealing in new Landonline?

You need to use the blue back arrow, located in the dealing header (by the dealing number), to return to your Landing page.

Alternatively, when you log out of the application the dealing locks will be released.

I’m locked out of my dealing in legacy Landonline.

Check if you have the dealing open in new Landonline. If a pencil icon appears next to the dealing, it means you’re still editing it in the new Landonline application. Open the dealing and then use the blue back arrow located in the header (by the dealing number) to exit the dealing to unlock it for editing in legacy Landonline. 

Alternatively, another user may have the dealing open which is why you can’t open it. If a dealing remains inactive for 20 minutes, it will automatically become unlocked. If the user exits the dealing by closing the browser window, locks will remain in place for 20 minutes or until they log back in, open the dealing and exit it as above to unlock the dealing.

Can I tab between the fields on the Instruments & roles page? 

You can click into the Add instrument field, type your instrument description in, and then press Enter to make your selection. Then tab across to your next field. Use this same approach when completing roles. (We are working on improving this!)

I’m getting an unexpected error message in my dealing. What should I do?

Try exiting the dealing by using the blue back arrow located in the header (by the dealing number). Wait a few minutes and then re-open the dealing and try actioning your task again. If the problem persists, contact our Contact Centre. 

I get a browser message saying ‘Changes you made may not be saved’. What should I do?

Select Cancel (rather than OK) and save the dealing before progressing with your next task. 


Screenshot of changes not saved warning
Are the fees recorded for a dealing showing just my firm’s fees or the fees for the whole dealing?

The Fees page shows each user what dealing fees their firm is responsible for when the dealing is registered. This especially benefits the non-submitting firm when working out disbursements to charge their client. 

Should I save my password to my password manager when signing?

No don’t re-save your password to your Password Manager when signing. Your Password Manager will override your password with your passphrase. The consequence will be that the next time you try log into Landonline your Password Manager will pick up your passphrase, not your password.

Already experiencing this? Refer to Reset your Landonline password


Screenshot of update password popup
Why are instruments greyed out?

Instruments that are greyed out aren’t yet supported in Landonline and will need to be completed in legacy Landonline.

If you open an existing dealing that contains currently unsupported instruments, a warning banner will display. You can’t edit or prepare the instruments in these dealings (go to legacy Landonline to make updates). You can however, complete dealing tasks such as certify and sign, release and submit if the instruments don’t have any images attached.


Screenshot of instruments not supported in legacy
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