3. Choose your Digital Certificate (DC)

For you to sign dealings, a connection must be made between the Landonline Dealings application and your current Digital Certificate (DC).

Video: choose your digital certificate

Watch this video to learn how to choose your digital certificate in New Landonline - Dealings.



  • For you to sign dealings, a connection must be made between the Landonline Dealings app and your current Digital Certificate (DC).  
  • Once this connection is made, your browser should remember the location of your DC each time you sign. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • When your DC is renewed you will need to link your new DC to the Landonline Dealings application. 
  • Only DCs which are on the 2-year renewal cycle can be used to sign in the Landonline Dealings app. 

What to do

  1. Select Choose DC.
    • If you’ve never added your DC, such as if you’re a first-time Landonline user, select Choose Digital Certificate
    • If you’re replacing an existing DC, for example because your DC has just been renewed, then select Change Digital Certificate.
    • A File Explorer/Finder window will open.

If your DC hasn’t been renewed onto a 2-year certificate, you will need to continue certifying and signing in Legacy Landonline. You can still view certifications in Landonline.

Certify and Sign choose digital certificate
  1. Navigate to your DC file location.
    • Navigate to the LINZ Certificates folder, which contains your DC. By default, this will be in your C:\ Drive > LINZ Certificates folder. However, it will depend on your computer.
    • If you can’t find the LINZ Certificates folder, ask your firm’s Trusted Contact or your colleagues to find where certificates are normally stored.
  2. Select your current DC.
    • Click once on the file (the file name should be your Landonline username) to highlight the Digital Certificate.
  3. Select Open.
    • Select Open in the File Explorer/Finder window to choose your DC.
    • Once you have uploaded a DC, File Explorer/Finder should automatically open in the correct folder the next time you need to upload or change a DC.
    • If you try to upload the wrong certificate or an expired certificate, you’ll get an error message.
Certify and Sign choosing your digital certificate
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