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The initial focus for New Landonline - Dealings is to enable auto-registerable instruments.

Instruments supported in New Landonline - Dealings

The following instruments are supported in New Landonline – Dealings.  (See When to use Legacy Landonline for a list of functionality limitations when preparing instruments that will need to be completed in Legacy Landonline).

Common instrument types

  • Discharge of Mortgage (DM)
  • Partial Discharge of Mortgage (PDM)
  • Transfer (T)
  • Mortgage (M)
  • Withdrawal of Caveat (WX)

Other instrument types (alphabetical)

  • Building Act 2004 – Notification of Redundant Entry – s74(3) & (4) (RC74)
  • Cancellation Building Line Restriction under Local Government Act 1974 (CBLR)
  • Cancellation of Condition (CCON)
  • Discharge of Bond under Local Government Act 1974 (DBON)
  • Discharge of Certificate under s115 Public Works Act 1981 (D115)
  • Discharge of Charging Order (DCHO)
  • Discharge of Compensation Certificate (DCC)
  • Discharge of Encumbrance (DENC)
  • Discharge of Family Benefit Charge (DFBC)
  • Discharge of Irrigation Charge (D221)
  • Discharge of Lien (DLN)
  • Discharge of Statutory Land Charge (DSLC)
  • Discharge of Tax Charge (DTC)
  • Discharge of s28(1) Certificate under Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (D28)
  • Overseas Investments Act 2005 – Cancellation of Water Areas Acquisition Notice (CWAN)
  • Partial Cancellation of Building Line Restriction (PBLR)
  • Partial Cancellation of Condition in CONO under Resource Management Act 1991 (PCON)
  • Partial Discharge of Bond (PBON)
  • Partial Discharge of Charging Order (PCHO)
  • Partial Discharge of Compensation Certificate (PDCC)
  • Partial Discharge of Encumbrance (PENC)
  • Partial Discharge of Family Benefit Charge (PFBC)
  • Partial Discharge of Statutory Land Charge (PSLC)
  • Partial Discharge of Tax Charge (PDTC)
  • Partial Withdrawal of Caveat (PWX)
  • Partial Withdrawal of Notice of Claim (PWNC)
  • Revocation of c5a under Earthquake and War Damage Regulations 1984 (RC5A)
  • Withdrawal of Irrigation Notice under s220(5) Public Works Act 1981 (W220)
  • Withdrawal of Notice (WC18)
  • Withdrawal of Notice of Claim (WNC)

When to use Legacy Landonline

When preparing instruments, go to Legacy Landonline to:

  • Add alias or suffixes (for Mortgages, partial discharges in Share/Interest mode, to edit transferor alias, or for transferees in Share/Interest, Part of Land Complex and Lease/Mortgage/Other modes)
  • Add text (Transfer instrument)
  • Attach images
  • Change due to pending dealing (for any instrument mode which requires owner information to be edited such as a Mortgage in Complex mode or for a Transfer instrument)
  • Restore owner details (Transfer instrument)
  • Lease/Mortgage/Other mode (Transfer instrument)
  • Protected (hidden) titles (Mortgage and Transfer instruments)
  • Share/Interest/Complex modes (Transfer instrument)
  • Prepare any unsupported instruments

We recommend preparing instruments in the order they’re displayed in the Instruments and Roles page, so proprietor details automatically carry forward from one instrument to the next.

Learn about the key differences with Legacy Landonline.

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