The Submit page is accessed from the dealing navigation bar or from your Landing page.

The dealing is submitted as a whole, and a validation report will highlight any outstanding tasks (such as certifying and signing specific instruments) or business rule failures that need to be completed or addressed before the dealing can be submitted. 

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  • Any changes you make won’t be saved if you navigate away from the Submit page. For example, any post-registration search selections, or entry of the bank client reference, need to be completed during the same session.
  • A dealing can only be submitted by the submitting firm once all the instruments have been released. 
  • Any person from the submitting firm with the appropriate privileges can submit a dealing. 
  • Upon submitting your dealing, it will Auto-Register, Auto-Reject or Lodge with Toitū Te Whenua for processing. 
  • During the submission of a dealing, Landonline:
    • displays a list of fees to be charged to the submitting firm, including any additional fees such as new title fees
    • displays a list of post-registration searches available for titles and certain instrument types in the dealing
    • updates the dealing status on your Landing page (or removes the dealing in the case of registered dealings)
    • allocates a date and time of lodgement (which informs order of registration) 
    • sends Lodge dealings to the Lodged queue for LINZ to process. 
  • Dealings can only be submitted between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. Dealings cannot be submitted on weekends or public holidays. 
  • A warning banner will display if you are on the Submit page and there is 10 minutes or less left to submit your dealing for the day.
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