Requests for Dealings

Anyone with a Landonline login can create requests and send them to Toitū Te Whenua for processing.

As a Conveyancing user, you can create title related requests. 

The request types available include: 

  • Application to Sustain Caveat (S145/A145) 
  • Application to Sustain Caveat (A143) 
  • Correction of tax information 
  • Dealing Correspondence 
  • Fee Extension 
  • Request copy
  • Request for Urgency 
  • Requisition Rejection Clarification 
  • Requisition Rejection Review 
  • Survey Information 
  • TA Amalgamation Consultation 
  • Title Correction 
  • Title Correction Prevents Registration 
  • Titles Information
  • Withdraw dealing
  • Withdraw instrument.

For information on how to view, create and manage requests, see Requests.

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