Notice of Change (NoC)

Information on when Notice of Change of Ownership gets sent to a relevant territorial authority in Landonline.


A Notice of Change of Ownership (NoC) needs to be completed and sent to the relevant territorial authority (TA) if a dealing includes any instrument which provides for a change of ownership on the Record of Title.

Legal requirements for NoC

Sections 30 to 36 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 sets out requirements that registered owners or, if applicable, the lawyers or conveyancers, must comply with when there has been a change of owner or ratepayer for a rating unit. A NoC enables you to notify TAs of a change of ownership within Landonline.

A NoC can only be created in New Landonline if the:

  • specific instrument type has been added to New Landonline
  • NoC enables TAs to maintain the accuracy of their records for the affected property, such as rating information.

TAs may share information from the NoC with entities that provide services to them. For example, council-controlled organisations that supply water services.

When we can't provide Notice of Change to territorial authorities

If a Record of Title is hidden under s 41 Land Transfer Act 2017 or s 232 Family Violence Act 2018 at the time you prepare your dealing, we cannot provide NoC functionality. 

We recommend contacting the relevant TA to discuss how the records will be updated while keeping the owners of the title safe.

Creating and editing a Notice of Change

Any party to a dealing may create and edit the Notice of Change, but conveyancing professionals will usually arrange that the:

  • purchaser for the dealing will start the Notice of Change form
  • vendor for the dealing will update the form and select ‘Ready to Send’. This means that as soon as the associated instrument is registered, the NoC form is automatically sent to the relevant TA.

Whenever a NoC is created for an instrument, an email will be sent to all parties advising that this has happened.

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