Tax Statements

Land transfer tax statements are required when most land is transferred. There are some exceptions including the transfer of Māori land.

People buying, selling or transferring property must collect tax information using a ‘land transfer tax statement’.  The information is collected by Toitū Te Whenua on behalf of Inland Revenue (IR) who use it to make sure property tax obligations are met.

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You can download and print a blank tax statement with supporting guidance notes to forward to your client to assist them in completing the form. Go to the Land transfer tax statements page and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the Land Transfer Tax Statement form and guidance notes.

If your instrument relates to Māori land or is land subject to a Treaty of Waitangi settlement you don’t need to complete a tax statement, but you do need to indicate which exemption applies. See 2. Indicate dealing relationship with Māori Land or land affected by a Treaty settlement.

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