3. Complete tax statement questions

Answer the questions for the tax statements your firm is responsible for, noting how the form is dynamic (based on your answers, some questions will disappear from the form).


  • The first question you answer is question 3. Questions 1 and 2 are auto-populated with the Record of title reference and the Transfer instrument number. Question 5 (the name of the person who the form is for) and question 6 (whether they are a transferor or transferee) are also auto-populated. 
  • The form is dynamic, which means any questions that are no longer relevant because of a previous answer will disappear from the page. The PDF form will show all questions whether they were answered or not.
  • Your data auto-saves when you close the panel, or when you navigate to other parts of the dealing or exit the dealing completely. 

What to do

  1. Answer the questions.
    • Read and answer each question in sequence.
    • The form is dynamic and the form may change depending on a previous answer. For example, when completing question 7:
If ... Then ...
You select the first radio button The next question you will need to answer is question 11.
You select the second radio button The next question you will need to answer is question 14.

To locate guidance on how to answer the questions, see Compiling a land transfer tax statement 

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