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Extinguishing subject parcels

This article contains information on extinguishing subject parcels.

When a dataset is creating new parcels you need  to also capture the current underlying parcels as ‘extinguished’ in the Parcel List. If the wrong parcels are selected as extinguished, missed marks (blue nodes) that are not part of the new dataset will appear along the boundaries when linking.

How do I extinguish parcels?

  1. Select the 'Live-Parcels-All' layer in the 'Current Layers' tab.
    Extinguishing subject parcels example 1


    This layer may be 'Approved-Parcels-All' if the area on which you are working is over an Approved Plan. In some cases you may have to select both Live and Approved Parcels to add to the Parcel List.

  2. Click on the 'Select Individual' icon.
    Extinguishing subject parcels example 2
  3. Spatially select the parcel to be extinguished. Hold the Shift key on the keyboard to select multiple parcels.
  4. The selected parcels will be displayed (highlighted in yellow). Open the Parcel List screen by selecting Capture | Parcel Capture.
  5. Select the 'Link Lol' button.
    Extinguishing subject parcels example 3
  6. The selected parcel/s will automatically show as 'Extinguished'.

You can also use this process to include referenced and affected parcels. Simply change the parcel action from ‘extinguished’ to ‘referenced’ or ‘affected’, as appropriate.


It is possible to extinguish parcels aspatially in the Parcel Details screen. However, this can prove difficult if the parcel being extinguished has a non unique appellation (for example – Pt RS 200). If the wrong parcel is selected and extinguished, a geometry error will prevent the dataset from being pre-validated and submitted.

Extinguishing parcels in Flat Plan / Cross Lease datasets

Under the Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets (Section 4.3),  existing parcels already recorded on Landonline need to be extinguished for flats or ‘exclusive use’ areas being redeveloped.

When extinguishing the parcel, sometimes an SQL DB error message will appear after you add the underlying cross lease / flats parcels to the Parcel List screen.

Message example:



(DataDirect][ODBC Informix driver][Informix]Variable(lvc_appel_value) has undefined value)

The cross lease parcel being extinguished does not have an appropriate survey appellation, although it has a titles appellation (also called a legal description). Underlying cross lease parcels that only have a legal description were created by the titles process and should not be extinguished.


Parcels created into Landonline require two appellations: a survey appellation and a legal description - hence the Survey and Title tick boxes on the Parcel Details screen.

While preferable, the underlying parcels do not have to be extinguished in a cross lease dataset. You should extinguish it if you can find the underlying parcel with both a survey appellation and legal description.

If you extinguish a parcel that only has a legal description and you encounter the above SQL error, remove that parcel from the Parcel List.

If you find you cannot extinguish the underlying parcel, note in the survey report that you have made every attempt to do so.

How do I determine whether a parcel has both a survey appellation and a legal description?

In Landonline Searches, use the plan number of the plan that shows the underlying cross lease parcels to undertake a spatial search for a parcel appellation.
CCL_S03 - Search Appellation example

Only the parcels that have both Survey and Title ticked can be extinguished.

In this example, the search has returned four parcels: two (circled) were created by titles staff and do not have a survey appellation. These cannot be extinguished.