This page contains instructions for software downloads and upgrades and links to related information you may need.

Before you begin…

Setting up in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment?

Your IT support person needs to read some extra information:

Re-installing software?

You'll need to uninstall all Landonline software before you begin your new installation. After uninstalling, you should reboot your PC.

Make sure you have uninstalled Citrix Receiver for Windows, Digisign2, Landonline Components, Print-to-Tiff, and UniPrint.

Then you're ready to install software as below.

Download software

Follow these steps. Note: You must install software in this order for Landonline to run.

Step 1: Download and install the Citrix Receiver Software

Download and install theCitrix receiver software

Step 2: Download and install the UniPrint client

Download and install theUniPrint client

Step 3: Download and install the Landonline client components

Download and installLandonline client components

Step 4: Download and install the digital signing component - for signing users only

Download and install Digisign2 software

Not sure if you’re a signing user? Read about Landonline user roles

Step 5: Download and install the print-to-TIFF driver

Download and install the print-to-TIFF driver

Last Updated: 9 December 2016