Only the Department of Conservation can propose names for CPAs to the New Zealand Geographic Board. Please contact DOC directly if you wish to name a CPA.

What is a Crown protected area?

A Crown protected area (CPA) is land administered by the Department of Conservation (DOC), usually for conservation purposes. CPAs include:

Note that the NZGB does not review or process names for reserves vested in local Councils or iwi.

How to make a proposal for a Crown protected area name

Only DOC can propose a name for a CPA to the NZGB. DOC should use these steps to prepare a proposal:

  1. Check if the CPA already has a name. The New Zealand Gazetteer lists all official and unofficial (in particular recorded) names in New Zealand and its offshore islands. 
  2. Complete the proposal form and the Review and Concurrence report using the guidance notes to help.
  3. It is especially important that a map and/or chart is included showing the exact location of the CPA and its boundaries. ​
  4. Provide as much information as possible to explain and support the proposed CPA name. Include evidence like the history, origin and meaning of the name, and the significance of the name and the CPA. Research material, photos and references are also helpful.
    See the Standard for Crown protected area names - NZGBS60001 for the NZGB’s rules on naming CPAs.
  5. DOC must provide evidence of having consulted with the appropriate Māori groups and interested public before the NZGB agrees with a proposal.
    See these practical guidelines for consulting with Māori when investigating New Zealand place names
  6. Post or email the proposal to the NZGB. (Note: The NZGB doesn’t return the proposal or supporting information.)
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How does the NZGB consider a CPA proposal?

  1. As long as DOC has provided all of the required research and consultation, the NZGB reviews the CPA name proposal to make sure it meets the Standard for Crown protected area names 
  2. If the NZGB does not agree with a proposal, then it is referred to the Minister for Conservation to make the final decision.
  3. DOC publishes the official CPA name in the New Zealand Gazette, advertises it in newspapers, and the NZGB enters it into the New Zealand Gazetteer.
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Last Updated: 9 March 2018