This article contains information on capturing Erosion parcels.

Erosion parcels are captured spatially as separate parcels in Landonline (i.e. the extinguished primary parcel is divided into two new primary parcels - a ‘dry’ primary parcel and a ‘wet’ primary parcel).

How do I capture an Erosion parcel?

1. Create the Erosion parcel in the Parcel Detail screen (CSC_S07b).

2. Populate with the following details:

‘Action’ = ‘Created’
‘Parcel Intent’ = ‘Erosion’
‘Topology Class’ = ‘Primary’
‘Area (ha)’ = ‘blank’
‘Appellation Format’ = ‘General’

  • Untick the Title and Survey boxes
  • Do not touch the remaining fields – leave the Plan Type and Plan Number fields populated with the new plan number
erosion parcel detail screen

3. Select 'OK'

4. Select ‘Yes’ (the new Hydro parcel will be added to the Parcel List screen as CSC Parcel ID #).

Save parcel details

5. Add the word ‘Erosion’ to the Diagram of Parcels in User Added Text.

Last Updated: 8 November 2021