Landonline users can belong to more than one firm using their Digital Certificate. When the user logs into Landonline they are confronted with “Choose a Firm or Licence” and selects the appropriate firm they are to do work for.

Multiple Firm Associations are used by smaller firms to cover if a solicitor / surveyor is away but an eDealing / eSurvey needs to be signed, or for search agency firms assisting in preparing an eDealing for other Landonline firms.

There is no cost to Multiple Firm Association. Applications take at least 5 days to process. The association remains until the user is removed by said firm completing the Remove Individual form process.

To become associated to multiple firms complete the “Add Individual” online form for each firm. In the Landonline Relationship section select “Yes” to “Previous/Current Landonline user” and “Yes” to “Has the user taken their Digital Certificate with them to their new firm”.

Proof of Identification and Annual Practising Certificate (if signing rights are requested) are only required if LINZ does not hold up-to-date copies of these. It is suggested users intending to have Multiple Firm Association phone Customer Support on 0800 665 463 to check if up-to-date copies are held. Alternatively, arrange for these documents to be completed.

A covering letter is required by the applicant stating that they require Multiple Firm Association. The letter is to also mention which is the user’s main Landonline firm for Digital Certificate invoicing purposes, and confirming email / phone / fax contacts for the main firm.

Please scan and email completed paper work as a PDF to
All scans must be clear, readable, and in full colour.

Last Updated: 4 June 2020