Compulsory Landonline roles

There are 2 compulsory roles associated with your Landonline account.

  • Trusted Contact – the primary contact and administrator for the account holder. They do not have to be a Landonline user. An account can only have one trusted contact.
  • System Manager - the person authorised by the account holder to administer Landonline details and allocate privileges to individual users. The System Manager must be a Landonline user. An account can have multiple System Managers.

The same person can fill both roles.

To check who is currently assigned to these roles, contact LINZ on 0800 665 463.

If you are a Survey firm, you may name any contractors your firm employs.  This means they will only be able to access and view survey plans on which they have been enabled.

Role obligations are detailed in Section 13 and Schedule 2 of the Landonline terms and conditions

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