Reset your Landonline password

How to reset your password for Landonline and set up password reset security questions.

To be able to reset your own password, you'll need to set up some security questions - just to make sure we know it's you resetting your password.

Set up security questions

  1. Log in to Landonline and from the Maintain user screen and click on the Security questions button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Choose 5 questions from the list and enter your answers.
  3. Save your answers. [Note: Answers are limited to 100 characters and are not case sensitive. Some characters are not allowed, eg. macrons].
  4. The Maintain user screen will display - please check the email address selected for password recovery. If you are associated with multiple Landonline accounts, this will be your default email address.
  5. Edit the email address field if needed.

Maintain your security questions

You can change your security questions at any time, by going to the Maintain user screen and clicking on the Security questions button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Reset your password

  1. Go to the Landonline login screen.
  2. Select Reset forgotten password.
  3. If you have not set up security questions (as above) you'll need to call us on 0800 665 463.  
    If you have set up security questions, you will be prompted to answer 2 randomly-selected questions from the 5 you have set up.
  4. Type your answers and press Submit. Remember, answers are not case sensitive. If you answer 3 questions incorrectly, your account will be locked and you'll need to call us on 0800 665 463.
  5. If you are able to answer 2 security questions successfully, you'll receive an email containing a temporary password. The email address will be the default address associated with your Landonline account. You can edit your email address choice from the Maintain user screen, under My details.
  6. Your temporary password will expire after 24 hours. After that time, you'll need to go through steps 1 to 5 again.

Know your password and want to change it?

Here's how to change your current password