Landonline housekeeping, including forms and how to reset your password, change details for your Landonline account or an individual user, or upgrade a licence.

Forgotten your password?

It's easy to reset your own password or if you're having trouble doing that, give us a call on 0800 665 463.

Change individual user details

What you want to doGo to...Supporting documents you need to provide
Add a new user to your Landonline accountAdd individual formPOI, Contract, Practising certificate (for signing roles only)
Associate a user to multiple Landonline accounts

Multiple account association

Fill out:
Add individual form

Contract, Multi account association cover letter
Remove a user from a Landonline account

Remove individual form

We only accept request to remove a Landonline user from either the user being removed or the Trusted Contact.

Important things to do:

Change a user's role, eg. nominate a new Trusted Contact or System Manager when a staff member leaves

If the person is an existing Landonline user:
Change individual details form

If the person is not a Landonline user:
Add individual form


Update your contact details, eg. your phone number or email address

Change individual details formnone
Submit a change of name request, eg. after you get marriedChange individual details formContract, POI, Deed poll *, Marriage / Dissolution certificate *
Update a profile with a new type of licenceChange individual details form

Practising certificate (for signing roles only)

Update your preferences, preferred name, selected default addressUpdate your details in Landonlinenone

Change Landonline account details

What you want to doGo to...Supporting documents you need to provide
Update contact details for your account, or the account nameChange account details formCover letter **
Add a new licence to your accountAdd licences form 
Upgrade licences linked to your accountUpgrade licences form 
Update your account details after a mergerAccount mergers in LandonlineCover letter **
Remove your account after closure

Account closures in Landonline

Firm closure letter

* Provide one of these documents - certified copy
** Must be on letterhead

Where to send your forms

Please scan and email completed paper work as a PDF to
All scans must be clear, readable, and in full colour.

Replacement forms

The PDF forms below are for use only when a replacement form is required. They are not intended for use without first completing the online forms above.

Pre-populated forms will be generated where required after the online forms above have been completed.

Last Updated: 4 June 2021