Everything you need to know if you're new to Landonline - from signing up to operating hours, terms and conditions, and where to get help when you need it.

Follow the steps on the page below to sign up to Landonline or to add a new licence.

To add a user to an existing Landonline Account complete the Add Individuals form

Once you've signed up, take a look at our online user guides and resources to make sure you know where to get help with e-dealing, e-survey and e-search. Sign up for Landwrap too, our monthly email newsletter that will keep you up to date with any changes in process or legislation, and provide you with helpful tips.

Our customer support team is available if you can't find the information you're looking for here - you can reach them on 0800 665 463.

Hours of availability and support

Cadastral Survey Datasets (CSDs) can be lodged during the hours Landonline is available. 

Title dealings can be lodged between 7am and 7pm on business days.

Landonline can't be available all the time because we need time to carry out regular tune-ups and back up the information held in the system.

 Landonline availableCustomer support available
Monday to Thursday:6am - 10pm7am - 5.30pm
Friday:6am - 7pm7am - 5.30pm
Saturday:6am to 5pmNot available
Last Updated: 5 October 2020