Deanna Teao - Geospatial careers profile

Deanna is a Master of Science in Remote Sensing student at Massey University (Turitea Campus, Palmerston North).

Deanna Teao
  • Qualification and Remote Sensing component studying for: BSc Double Major in Earth Science and Geography, pursuing a Masters in Remote Sensing
  • Tertiary Institute: Massey University, Turitea Campus, Palmerston North

Why have you chosen to study Remote Sensing?

I was initially pursuing a different path at university until I discovered Earth Science and my love for all things included in the degree. I had always had an interest in Geography so decided to include them both in my BSc. I was pleased when it came to the GIS and Remote Sensing paper as I found a connection to the processes of making informative maps and analysing images. I am now learning about the programming of Remote Sensing which I find so interesting and challenging.

How important is Remote Sensing/GIS for your future career options, and why?

I strongly believe that both GIS and Remote Sensing have everyday uses and can help across many professions. It is a way of displaying data informatively and can be made specific to any study. There is a world of information out there which can be easily accessible and applied. It is always so fascinating to me what I can do with this information and pursuing a career where I can learn more is a dream for me.

How has studying Remote Sensing shaped your career goals?

It has given me a career goal that I did not initially have. For so long I was quite lost and did not know what I wanted to pursue as a career. Now I know I want a career in Remote Sensing.

What advice would you give to future students considering adding a Remote Sensing/GIS component to their studies?

My best advice is to have patience. There are a lot of moments where you won’t get the result you are after straight away. Having the ability to think of new ways to get around a problem is very important. Sticking with it will be so rewarding and there is always a category for you in GIS and Remote Sensing.