Kiu Hei Chloe Yip - Geospatial student profile

Kiu Hei Chloe is studying for a Bsc/LLB majoring in Geography and GIS at the University of Auckland

Geospatial student Kiu Hei Chloe Yip pictured with blue sky and trees in the background
  • Qualification and GIS component studying for: BSc/LLB majoring in Geography and GIS
  • Tertiary Institute: University of Auckland

What Year 13 school subjects did you take?

Geography, Statistics, Calculus, Design, Physics, Chemistry

What Secondary School did you attend?

Botany Downs Secondary College

Why have you chosen to study GIS?

I started learning about GIS and its capabilities in high school in Year 10. Throughout high school, we used GIS to solve different problems, from modelling the impact of a volcanic eruption in Auckland to finding out which school in my local area has the most vehicle crashes nearby. I was in awe of how spatial data analysis could solve problems and improve people's lives, and I wanted to learn even more skills.

How important is GIS for your future career options, and why?

I see GIS as being a vital part of expanding my career options. GIS as a field and its applications have grown exponentially in the past decade, and more and more roles in both private and public sectors are employing people with geospatial analysis skills. I am interested in working in government policy or geospatial analysis, so GIS skills would be essential if I pursue these career options.

How has studying GIS shaped your career goals?

Since I started studying GIS, I have been drawn more and more to roles that use geospatial skills to collect and analyse data to discover problems and come up with solutions for them. I aspire to use GIS skills and work in roles that genuinely and directly enhance the lives of the people of Aotearoa.

What advice would you give to future students considering adding a GIS component to their studies?

I highly recommend that future students try GIS courses early in their degree, especially if they are studying geography, environmental science, statistics, or data science. There is almost always a spatial component to data, and understanding how to work with spatial data would be an invaluable addition to your skill set. With geospatial analytical skills in your back pocket, you will certainly stand out amongst other candidates when applying for internships or graduate roles. Perhaps you may even fall in love with the discipline and study further GIS courses – you will never know unless you give it a chance!

Last year you applied successfully for a Toitū Te Whenua LINZ external tertiary GIS scholarship. What difference has this made to you and your GIS study courses?

The Toitū Te Whenua LINZ external tertiary GIS scholarship has enabled me to continue my studies with less financial burden and motivated me to take more GIS-related courses. I have been able to take courses in GIS programming, development, and statistical analysis as a result. I am very grateful to Toitū Te Whenua for the award.