The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) publicly releases a short summary of most applications that are granted or declined, except residential land applications for one Home To Live In (HTLI).

Decision summaries are normally released at the end of the month following the decision.

The OIO will release quarterly statistical information for one Home To Live In (HTLI) applications. These are for residential properties that are not sensitive for other reasons. 

The OIO will not publish identifying information such as the names of individuals who are HTLI applicant(s) and the address or record of title of the residential land to protect people’s privacy. The bright line test for HTLI applications means that there are no considerations or underlying rationale unique to each application.

If the decision to grant or decline consent under HTLI involves residential land that is also otherwise sensitive, the investor test applies. For these applications there is an over-riding public interest to make the information available and decision summaries will be released. 

Information may be withheld under the Official Information Act 1982.

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Recent decision summaries by month

If you require further statistical information, please contact the OIO.

Under the Act, the OIO may request an administrative fee in order to recover the costs of supplying statistics. See the OIO's schedule of fees.


Last Updated: 22 March 2021