Electoral Support

Helping determine New Zealand’s electoral boundaries

We produce maps for the Representation Commission, using population data from each census.

When the maps are ready following each census, the Surveyor-General, who is a member of the Commission, calls the Commission members together to start reviewing New Zealand’s General and Māori electoral districts.

We compile and maintain an index of streets and places once the Representation Commission has determined the electoral district boundaries. The index contains the names of all streets and places in New Zealand, and the electoral district(s) in which each street and place is to be found.

Read about the index of places and streets

Territorial authorities (district and city councils) are required to advise us when they allocate or change a road name or property number. This helps us to maintain the index of streets and places.

Read about property addressing

LINZ helps local authorities review their representation arrangements, by examining and certifying plans of the internal divisions (wards, communities, etc).

The Surveyor-General has published a standard to specify the requirements for certification.

Read the Standard for plans of local authority electoral areas – LINZS50000