4. Add, edit or remove a title

Adding an instrument to a dealing includes identifying the affected titles.


When you add instruments to a dealing, you also need to add the affected titles.

  • You can affect up to 300 titles per instrument, or 350 unique titles per dealing. For dealings that contain more than these, contact our contact centre (0800 665 463 or customersupport@linz.govt.nz).
  • If you change the affected titles for an instrument after it has been prepared, all details for that instrument will be deleted and any certifications and signatures will be removed.
  • Currently you can only affect existing titles in New Landonline, go to Legacy Landonline to add new titles to be created.
  • You can add protected (hidden) titles, but you’ll need to prepare those instruments in Legacy Landonline.

What to do

  1. Use the Add titles field to add all affected titles to the instrument.
Screenshot showing how to add the titles field
  • Start typing the affected title reference in the Add titles field. You can also enter an instrument number to generate a list of its affected titles. From the list generated, click on the title(s) you want to affect then click Add selected.
Screenshot showing how to add a title by title reference
  • You may see multiple results, for example if you enter an instrument number to generate a list of its affected titles. Note that if the number you typed in is also a title reference, that might be in the list also.  If relevant, you can tick the Select all titles box or select the relevant titles and then click Add selected to add the titles to the dealing.


For now, where multiple instruments exist with the same instrument number, you’ll need to enter each title manually or use Legacy Landonline to add these via instrument number.

Screenshot showing how to add titles by instrument
  • Continue to use this field to add all affected titles. Each selected title will be listed under this field.
  • Each title added will indicate a registration path to let you know if it is capable of auto-registering (indicated by Auto) or whether it will result in your dealing stepping down to lodge (indicated by Lodge) when you submit the dealing. Additional warning symbols will appear to give you more information about why a title will cause the instrument to step down to lodge, such as the title being Māori land.
  • To remove a title, use the X at the end of its row.
Screenshot showing how to add more titles
  1. If additional instruments are added to the dealing, you can use the icon with horizonal lines and a plus sign to automatically add all the previous affected titles to the subsequent instrument.
Screenshot showing how to add existing titles to an instrument
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