Movable Marginal Strips - capturing in Landonline

The government requires that all Crown agencies that dispose of Crown land require the marginal strips to be included as part of the survey and be included in the resultant CSD.

Surveys of land for the purpose of disposal by the Crown are recorded in either SO or LT datasets – most commonly the former. Marginal Strips are captured as non-primary parcels.

If land that the Crown is disposing of is already adequately defined, new marginal strip parcels are most appropriately represented in an SO dataset prepared specifically for that purpose.

You need to also consider whether the beds of water bodies are to be excluded from the Crown disposal. If they are, you should identify them as hydro parcels in the CSD.

How do I represent marginal strips in a CSD?

Use the following details.

Survey Purpose
Survey Purpose = ‘Crown Subdivision’ or Survey Purpose = ’LT Subdivision’ or
Survey Purpose = ‘Statutory Easement/Right’

Marginal Strip parcels
Topology Class = ‘Tertiary’
Parcel Intent = ‘Marginal Strip - Moveable'
Parcel Type = ‘Marginal Strip’

Parcel Area = <not required>
Parcel Value = <not applicable>

Movable Marginal Strips - capturing in Landonline example


While you must depict the moveable marginal strip on a Diagram of Parcels, do not show a separate area for the marginal strip parcel. You need to include the area of the strip in its associated primary parcel.


Last Updated: 1 July 2019