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Chief Executive: Andrew Crisp

Photo of Andrew Crisp
Andrew Crisp

Andrew was appointed Chief Executive in October 2016 following four months of acting in the role.

Prior to LINZ, Andrew was Deputy Chief Executive (DCE) of Building, Resources and Markets at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). In this role he oversaw the Ministry’s building and housing functions, as well as the energy portfolio, the communications portfolio and the commerce and consumer affairs portfolio.

Andrew began his career in the private sector, at Coopers and Lybrand and has spent the majority of his career in the public sector. He has held senior roles at the Treasury, the Department of Labour, and the Ministry for the Environment. He has a broad range of experience across a number of policy and regulatory domains, in operations and in strategy and corporate functions.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree from Victoria University, Welllington.

Chief Executive expenses disclosure

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Deputy Chief Executive Location Information: Jan Pierce

Photo of Jan Pierce
Jan Pierce

Prior to joining LINZ, Jan spent eight years as a member of the leadership team of the rural financial services company, Farmers Mutual Group. Over that time, her responsibilities included human resources, organisational development, support services, operational leadership of service centres and the development of a contact centre.

Jan started her career in the banking sector, followed by several years in the health sector, where she was the Human Resources Manager of a large Crown Health Enterprise employing over 5,000 staff.

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Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Stewardship: Aaron Jordan

Photo of Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan

Aaron trained as a Surveyor at Otago University with a focus on applications of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) before joining LINZ as a Geodetic Surveyor in 2002. It was during this time he truly gained an appreciation of the power of location information, particularly mashing datasets together. After five years, Aaron travelled to Switzerland to build high-end surveying and engineering equipment for Leica Geosystems, specialising in on-board software and interface design.

Aaron returned to LINZ in 2012, serving in a number of roles including:

  • Group Manager Topographic and Addressing - helping shift the strategic direction on how LINZ performs its mapping function
  • Group Manager IPS and Addressing - shifting the IPS programme into identifying tangible value in connecting up property information, and
  • Private Secretary in the Minister’s Office - establishing the LINZ-Minister relationship in the first 100 days with the new Government. 

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Deputy Chief Executive Crown Property: Jerome Sheppard

Photo of Jerome Sheppard
Jerome Sheppard

Jerome Sheppard joined LINZ as Deputy Chief Executive Crown Property in May 2017. Jerome has worked at LINZ previously, holding roles in policy and implementation between 1999 and 2006. After that, he joined the Ministry of Education, where he held a wide range of senior leadership roles, including responsibilities for the school property portfolio.

Jerome was a member of the Ministry of Education's leadership team for the year before he returned to LINZ. He has in-depth knowledge of the property sector, and experience leading large and complex programmes across it.

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Deputy Chief Executive Policy and Overseas Investment: Lisa Barrett

Photo of Lisa Barrett
Lisa Barrett

Lisa Barrett joined LINZ as Deputy Chief Executive Policy and Overseas Investment in July 2017. Lisa has held a range of senior leadership roles in the public sector, and came to LINZ from the Ministry of Transport, where she was on secondment from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Lisa has a background in policy, and experience working across government and stakeholder groups, as well as engaging with Ministers at senior levels. She has in-depth experience working within regulatory environments, and a focus on economic and social issues.

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Deputy Chief Executive Property Rights: Kathy Mansell

Photo of Kathy Mansell
Kathy Mansell

Kathy Mansell joined LINZ in May 2017 as Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Stewardship before moving to her role as Deputy Chief Executive Property Rights in March 2018. Kathy has held a number of senior leadership roles across the public service, including several years at the Ministry for Primary Industries supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry, and managing a range of funding and research programmes.

Before joining LINZ, Kathy was Operations Director at the Ministry of Social Development, where she was responsible for 10 Children’s Teams across New Zealand.

Kathy is experienced in working with Ministers and across local government, and has strong cross-government knowledge and connections.

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Deputy Chief Executive Corporate: Mandy McDonald

Photo of Mandy McDonald
Mandy McDonald

Mandy joined LINZ in April 2017 initally as Deputy Chief Executive Crown Property before moving into the role of  Deputy Chief Executive Corporate later in 2017.

Since the mid-1990s, Mandy has held senior management roles spanning policy, service delivery and corporate functions in the Ministries of Justice; Defence; and Business, Innovation and Employment.

Mandy is legally qualified and most recently, was employed at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment holding the statutory positions of Registrar of Companies; Official Assignee for New Zealand and Commissioner of Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Variety Rights.

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Last Updated: 5 March 2018