You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Pre-validate and edit an instrument or dealing in Landonline

Pre-validation runs an automated check to ascertain if the instrument or e-dealing contains correct information. It is recommended you pre-validate before submission.

Pre-validate an instrument

  1. In the Prepare Instrument screen or Create Dealing screen, click 'Pre-validate'. 
    Pre-validate button
    • Landonline displays a message to advise if the instrument or e-dealing has passed or failed.
    • Click 'OK'. 
      OK button
    • If the pre-validation failed, Landonline displays the reasons for the failure.
    • Click 'Print/Save' to print the Pre-validation Report or save it to a location on your computer.  
      Print/Save button
    • Click 'X' to close the Pre-validation Report screen. 
      Close icon

Landonline displays a message above 'Pre-validate' advising whether the pre-validation passed or failed, along with the date and time.

Pre-validate button

Edit an instrument or e-dealing

If you edit either an instrument or an e-dealing that has been certified and signed, Landonline clears all certifications and signatures for the relevant instrument and sends a notification to all representatives associated with the e-dealing.

To edit an instrument or e-dealing, in Workspace:

  1. Select dealing number or instrument number from the Workspace Tree.
    • For an instrument, select Instrument | Edit.
    • For an e-dealing, select Dealing | Edit.
  2. Edit the instrument or e-dealing.
  3. Click 'Save & Close' to save.
    Save and close button

Once you make changes to an instrument or e-dealing, Landonline removes any previous pre-validation. It also clears any certification and signatures for the relevant instrument and returns the status to draft.