You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Restrictions to the number of titles entered in a dealing

Landonline limits the number of titles and instruments that can be entered for each dealing.

These restrictions apply to both electronic lodgements and manual lodgements. The limits are:

  • for the number of titles per instrument: 200
  • for the number of total unique titles per dealing: 250
  • for the number of instruments per dealing: 50

These limits have been put in place to enable quick processing and response times. Extremely large dealings can also affect Landonline’s performance so that processing may become difficult.

e-dealing allows a practitioner to process transactions over a large number of titles using several dealings. A very large transaction is not an exception to e-dealing, so cannot be lodged manually just because there are more titles/instruments than the system allows.

If you have questions on processing a very large transaction please contact us on 0800 665 463 or at

Talking with us first will help avoid potential rejection or requisition of any very large transactions you want to lodge.

Landonline warnings on dealing limits

In Landonline, you will receive a warning message if you try to add more titles than the instrument or dealing limits allow. For example:


Click ‘OK’ to close the message. All affected titles will then be listed, but only the maximum number allowed will be checked as affected. Uncheck and check the ‘Affected’ checkbox for titles as appropriate.

A warning message will display when you save the entered titles and get close to the allowable limit for the dealing. For example:


An error message will display if you attempt to save a dealing with more than 50 instruments.