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Pre-validation for dealings and instruments

When you pre-validate an instrument, Landonline checks that the content of the instrument is correct. To pre-validate an instrument, you must be a Primary Contact (PC) or Conveyancing Professional (CP) for the instrument or be in the same firm and have the appropriate privileges.

You can pre-validate an instrument or e-dealing at any time and as often as you want before you submit the e-dealing to LINZ.

Early pre-validation of an e-dealing is recommended to identify any potential issues affecting registration - and it's free to do.

The details of the current pre-validation results for a dealing or instrument display in the Validation Report screen. You can check the results for the current pre-validation of an instrument or dealing using the menu options in Workspace.

Landonline displays a message above the Pre-validate button (on the Prepare Instrument screen) as to whether the pre-validation Passed or Failed along with the date and time.

What does pre-validation check?

Pre-validation runs business rules that ensure all necessary details for the instruments have been completed. For an AUTO REG instrument, if pre-validation passes then the instrument is in order to be automatically registered. For a LODGE instrument or IMAGE ONLY instrument, pre-validation checks that the instrument meets the minimum requirements to enable successful lodgment to LINZ. Pre-validation checks, for example, that:

  • all mandatory fields have been completed
  • there are no stops preventing registration on the titles
  • titles have a status of Live or Part Cancelled
  • the registered owners in the instrument match those on the Register
  • an image has been attached to an IMAGE ONLY instrument



Certification and signing are not checked as part of pre-validation.

Pre-validating an e-dealing

Pre-validation of an e-dealing runs all the checks for all the instruments in the dealing and works in the same manner as instrument pre-validation.

To pre-validate an e-dealing, you must be a PC or CP for an instrument in the e-dealing or be a user from the same firm with the appropriate privileges.

Refer to the link at the end of this page to see the step-by-step in Landonline.

Limitations of the pre-validation check

Pre-validation checks that all mandatory fields have been completed but cannot always validate the content of those fields, such as free text or attachments.

Pre-validation may fail where an instrument has been prepared correctly but is dependent on earlier registration being completed, e.g. a prior unregistered transfer that will update the ownership of the titles. Pre-validation rules check the details in the instruments against the details on the register or any relevant prior instruments in the same dealing.

e-dealing before submitting to LINZ for registration

This provides a final check that the dealing is in order and that no registered interests may affect the e-dealing.

However, when you submit, Landonline will automatically pre-validate the e-dealing if you have not done so. The only exception to this is where there is a pending dealing with LINZ affecting the same title(s) and the e-dealing has already been pre-validated within the last 24 hours. When the e-dealing is automatically pre-validated by Landonline at submit, a message will only display if pre-validation fails.

If pre-validation fails due to a warning only, you can still submit the e-dealing as this will not prevent registration. You can receive a warning for example when:

  • New titles are included in the dealing – their status will not yet be 'Live'.
  • A trust or trustee has been recorded as part of a name when it is not a recognised corporate trust name – the name is correctly recorded but not included in the automatic checklist of names.
  • There is a prior transfer that is changing the ownership of the title(s) – the instruments have been correctly recorded but do not match the current names on the register.


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For more information on pre-validation, check out Landonline help icon (above) from Workspace screen or the help button located in every e-dealing screen (below).

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