Delete a survey dataset before submission

The delete a survey dataset before submission functionality is used when you have started your survey, but not submitted it to Toitū Te Whenua LINZ

Any enabled user from the same firm can delete the dataset before submission.

External users that have been enabled do not have access to delete the dataset.

Before you delete a dataset, remember to delete the plan reference from spatial view. If you don't do this, the survey reference will remain in the spatial view after the dataset has been deleted. 

You can delete the plan reference by right-clicking on the survey reference and selecting Delete this survey reference from the dropdown menu.

What to do

  1. From the My Work page, select the three-dot menu icon at the end of the relevant survey and then select Delete survey.

    Screenshot of delete survey drop down menu
  2. A delete survey pop-up box will appear. Check the CSD reference below the warning box to confirm this is the dataset you want to delete. 

    Screenshot of delete survey but confirm survey number first
  3. To confirm you want to delete the survey, type ‘delete survey’ in the field and select the Delete button (or select Cancel to cancel this and return to your My Work page). 

    Screenshot of delete survey pop up confirmation box

When a survey dataset is deleted, all related data is deleted and cannot be recovered. The dataset number is also deleted and cannot be used for any future survey.

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