Return a survey dataset

The return a survey dataset functionality is used after you have submitted a dataset but before it is approved. You would use this function when you want to amend or delete the dataset.


The instructions in this section relate to returning a dataset that has been submitted to Toitū Te Whenua LINZ. The dataset will have the status of Submitted, which you can see under the CSD reference on the My Work page.

What to do

  1. From the My Work page, select the three-dot menu icon at the end of the dataset row, and then select Return dataset. A pop-up box will appear.

    Screenshot of more actions menu return submitted dataset
  2. Select the copy icon to copy the recommended text you need to add to the comments field in the request. Select the Continue button to create the Return dataset request. The request will open in a new browser tab.

    Screenshot of return submitted dataset pop up box
  3. The new request will be pre-populated with information from the survey. Click into the Comment field and paste in the text you copied from the pop-up box in the previous screen. You can either use Ctrl + V or right click in the Comment field and select Paste from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot of return dataset request complete details
  4. Check the details in the request are correct and when you are ready, select the Send button to send the request. If you are not ready to send the request, select the Save as draft button. The draft request will appear in the Request dashboard, at the top of the table. Use the Discard button to discard the request.

    Screenshot of return dataset request discard draft send

    Once you select the Send button you will be taken to the Requests dashboard.

    You will momentarily see a pop-up message confirming your request was successfully submitted.

    Screenshot of request successfully submitted

    The request will appear at the top of the table, unless you have any draft requests, in which case it will appear under the draft requests.

  5. The status will show as Complete or Pending. If the status shows as Complete, carry on with the steps below. If the status shows as Pending, it means Toitū Te Whenua LINZ has started to validate the dataset and you need to wait for it to be returned before you can amend or delete the dataset. See the topic Delete a survey dataset after submission, which covers the delete a dataset process.

    Screenshot of return dataset request complete
  6. Navigate back to your survey by closing the Requests tab.

    Screenshot of navigate back to your survey by closing Requests tab
  7. Or by selecting the Landonline Survey tab.

    Screenshot of navigate back to your survey by selecting the survey tab
  8. The survey will no longer show a status of Submitted beneath the CSD reference.

    Screenshot of return dataset submitted status gone
  9. You can now make any changes you need to make to the survey and resubmit it, or you can delete the survey if you no longer need it. See Delete a survey dataset before submission for more information on this process.
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