My Work page

When you log on to new Landonline, the My Work page displays. Surveys created in both this application and legacy Landonline will appear here.

Five tabs

You will see five tabs on the My Work page:

  1. My surveys lists all those datasets which you are assigned as the Primary contact and/or, Signing Surveyor and those which you are an Enabled User.
  2. Primary contact list all surveys where you are assigned as the Primary contact. 
  3. Signing surveyor lists all surveys where you are assigned as the signing surveyor.
  4. Enabled surveys lists all surveys where you are an enabled user. 
  5. Firm surveys lists all the surveys for your firm.

    Screenshot of 5 tabs on the my work page


If you work under more than one firm, click on your user ID in the top right header of the page to switch firms. A tick indicates which firm you’re logged in under.

To change firms, select another firm from the dropdown list.

Screenshot of switching survey firms

Make sure you’re on your My Work page before switching between firms and that you don’t have any surveys open in other browser tabs.

Main menu

Use the three-line icon (main menu) on the top right of the page to access:

  • Create request
  • Change password
  • What's new
  • Get help
  • Give feedback
  • Logout.

    Screenshot of main menu options

Switch Landonline applications

The nine-dot grid icon (top-left) allows you to quickly switch between applications, such as Search, Requests and Notices

Use the arrow to open the application in a new tab or select anywhere else along the application row to open the application in the current tab. The application highlighted green is the application you’re currently in.

Screenshot of notices from nine dots menu

Need Support

Access support information specific to the task or activity:

  • Select Get help from the Main menu.

    Screenshot of main menu get help
  • Hover over icons to find out more.

    Screenshot of accessing support hover over
  • Select the question mark icons on the page or panel to access support content relating to the page or panel you're on.

    Screenshot of question mark icon

Create a survey

Select the Create survey button to create a new survey. See the topic Create a survey for more information.

Screenshot of create a survey button

Editing a survey

A survey marked by a padlock indicates that it is read only. Hover over the lock symbol to see the cause. To unlock the survey, you may need to go back to Legacy Landonline to remedy the cause. 

Screenshot of active surveys

A survey can be opened in both the new and legacy Landonline applications at the same time. The application used to open the survey a second time will show the survey as locked and read only mode. To rectify this, close the survey in the application you first opened it in.

Screenshot of survey locked by another user

More actions menu

Use the more actions menu (three dot icon) at the end of a survey row to access additional actions:

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