3. Produce A & I form

The A & I form can be outputted as Private Individual, Private Corporate, or Public Corporate, and exported and saved to your computer.


  • The form is outputted using the buttons at the bottom of the page: Private Individual, Private Corporate, or Public Corporate.
  • Uncheck any of the options (clients, base documents, or instruments) to exclude them from an A & I.
  • You can’t save your forms within New Landonline, so export and save the forms to your computer. 

What to do

  1. If required, use the checkboxes to select the relevant clients.
    • This is only needed if you want to generate a Private Individual, Private Corporate or Public Corporate A & I form for only some of the clients in that category. 
    • Use the checkboxes to select/unselect the clients you want to generate the form for.
    • You don’t need to unselect client names when they’re associated with different client types. For example, when generating a Private Individual form, you only need to consider which Private Individual clients you want to appear on that A & I.  
A and I form select clients for output
  1. Select the document format you want to export.
    • Use the dropdown to select the document format you want to export – editable rtf or Word, or PDF. Word is selected by default.
    • If you selected an editable format you can further edit the information to achieve the output required.
      • Editable rtf (rich text format) can be used with a text editor or Google docs.
      • Editable Word documents can be used with MS Word.
    • Save the versions you’ve created onto your computer, if required.
A and I form output as Word doc, RTF or PDF
  1. Choose the output type (Private Individual, Private Corporate, or Public Corporate)
    • Use the Private Individual, Private Corporate, or Public Corporate buttons on the bottom right of the page to select which form to download. The form will be populated with the relevant selected information.
A and I form output type individual, corporate or public corporate
  1. Repeat the steps to create additional A&I forms.
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