Edit, add or remove a certificate

You can edit, add or remove a certificate in a package.

  1. Go to the Certification requests panel.
    • On the My Work page, select the Request created icon at the end of the row of the survey, or
    • Select the TA icon on the left-hand Workflow control bar from within the survey dataset.
  2. The Certification requests panel displays with package details for each request.
  3. Review the certification details for each package and edit as required, for example:
    • add text to fill in detail
    • select the correct option from dropdown lists.
      Edit certifications for each package.
  4. Add or remove certificates  - select Add or Remove Certificates to bring up the Add certificates panel.
    • Use the scroll bar on the right of the certificates to view the full list of certificates available.  
    • Select/deselect the checkboxes to the left of each certificate to add/remove a certificate. 
    • Use the blue arrow icon to the right of each certificate to expand the details of the certificate. 
    • Use the blue X icon on the top right of the panel to close the panel. 
      Screenshot of Add certificates panel with tickbox on the left and blue expand arrow on the right highlighted
    • Some of the certificates give you the option to duplicate the certificate. When this option is available you will see the duplicate icon, next to the Expand more icon.
      Local Government Act 1974 heading with duplicate icons on the right
  5. As you edit the details, these are summarised in the Package for you to check and continue editing: 
    • Certificate – with the number of the certificate, and its status. 
    • Preview – the wording of the certificate. 
      Package 1 heading, with Certificate and Preview columns highlighted

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