Edit a vector

When editing fields in the Vectors panel, your changes are saved automatically. You will see these changes reflected in spatial view once the spatial view has regenerated.

What to do 

In the Vectors panel, double click or press the Enter key on the field you want to edit and make your changes. When you press Enter again or click out of the cell these changes will save automatically and the spatial view will regenerate to reflect these changes.

Use the Tab key to navigate through your data entry. Tab will save your edited data and move you to the next field. Your changes won’t be updated in the spatial view until you: 

  • press enter, 
  • click outside, or 
  • reach the end of the row, whereby regeneration occurs.

When the vector is regenerating, an icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel. You cannot make further edits until the regenerate is completed. 

Screenshot of regenerate vectors
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