Navigate the Vector panel


What to do 

Select the Vector icon from the Workflow toolbar

Toolbar with Vector icon highlighted

This will bring up the Vector panel

Vectors panel

In this panel you can: 

  • add a new vector 
  • locate a feature 
  • delete a vector 
  • edit vector information
  • add and edit mark information.

you can only edit the Mark To name columns (which is made up of 3 columns - Type, ID and CSD ref) in the Vectors panel. Use the Marks panel to edit other marks details.

Screenshot of updated mark to field

When you move the Mark To group heading, all 3 columns move together.

The Mark To and Mark From fields are read only.

Screenshot of mark to and mark from fields

The Mark From field is turned off by default when you open the Vector panel, but because all the panels allow you to save your preferences, if you turn the Mark From field on in another survey then all of your surveys, including any new ones you create, will have the Mark From field showing. 

To change the columns that appear on the Vector panel, click on the icon in the top-right corner and then select or unselect the options. 

Screenshot of mark to column visibility

To reset the fields that show to the default setting, select the Column visibility icon and then select Reset columns.

Screenshot of reset column visibility

If you adopted any existing vectors for your survey, they are listed in this panel.