Adopt an existing irregular boundary line

You can adopt an existing irregular line already saved in Landonline.

It is important to display the correct layers in the process. 

What to do 

  1. Select Inspect and adopt icon on the spatial controls tool bar.
    Toolbar with 'Inspect and Adopt' icon highlighted
  2. Select the irregular line you wish to adopt. 
    • The line will highlight pink. 
  3. The Underlying line panel will appear, with a plus sign at the bottom right of the panel. 
    Spatial display with pink line and Underlying line panel
  4. Select the plus icon at the bottom right of the Underlying line panel.  
  5. The Capture irregular line panel will appear with a warning message ‘You are about to capture an irregular line from Landonline. In accordance with the Cadastral Survey Rules captured information must, if available, be from an approved survey/CSD. Please check the spatial accuracy of the line against the source data prior to certifying the accuracy of this CSD’. 
    Message box 'Capture irregular line' with 'Continue' button highlighted
  6. Select Continue to adopt the irregular line, or Cancel
  7. The captured irregular line will appear in the Irregular lines panel. Review and edit the irregular lines attributes in this panel.
    • If it is a recently captured dataset, many of the attributes may already be populated. 
    • If it is an older dataset, you may need to add information. 
      Irregular lines panel with last entry highlighted

To adopt multiple lines  

  1. Select multiple lines using the Inspect and Adopt tool. 
  2. Select the stacked-squares plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
    Underlying line pop-up box with left icon highlighted
  3. The Capture multiple underlying lines panel will display. 
    Capture multiple underlying lines panel
  4. Select Capture selected lines
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