View an irregular line

You can view all captured irregular lines in the Irregular lines panel, and add and edit relevant data, such as boundary type.

What to do

  1. Select the Irregular lines icon from the Workflow control bar
    Toolbar with 'Irregular lines' icon highlighted
  2. The Irregular lines panel will open and display a range of data for each irregular line.  
    Irregular lines panel with data fields highlighted
    • Marks – the start and end mark for each irregular line. 
    • Layers – the layer of the plan with the irregular line: primary, secondary, tertiary, strata, secondary centreline or tertiary centreline. 
    • Type – whether the irregular line is a water boundary, irregular boundary or water centreline boundary. 
    • Legal description – if the irregular line is a water boundary a legal description of the line is required: right bank, centreline, left bank, mean high water mark, mean high water spring, mean high water spring and/or mean high water mark, or other. 
    • Physical feature – a physical feature is only required when known, such as if it is shown on the adoption source, or you have surveyed the boundary for the first time. 
    • CSD source – the source for adopted boundaries needs to be included in the Adopt CSD number field.
      • As new water centreline boundaries are not allowed by the rules, an adoption source is required.  
      • If it is a new irregular boundary there is no adoption source.  
  3. Enter a key word to search (such as ‘top’ to bring up irregular lines that have ‘top’ as part of the physical feature). 
    Irregular lines panel with search field highlighted
  4. Sort any of the fields by clicking on the field header. 
    Irregular lines panel with layers field highlighted
  5. Locate an irregular line on the spatial view. 
    • Tick the checkbox on the left of the relevant row. You can select multiple checkboxes if required. 
    • Select the three-dot icon at the end of a row to bring up the options menu for that line, and select Locate feature
      Irregular lines panel with tick boxes ticked and three-dot icon highlighted
  6. View the highlighted pink irregular line on the spatial view. 
    Spatial view with pink line highlighted
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