Import georef image

You can upload an image to the survey. This acts as a georeference, to help you trace an irregular line along a natural feature. For example, this could be a row of vegetation or a stream.

What to do 

  1. Select the Irregular lines icon from the Workflow control bar
    Screenshot of Toolbar with 'Irregular lines' icon highlighted
  2. Select the Add georef image button at the bottom of the Irregular lines panel
    Irregular lines panel with 'Add georef image' button highlighted
  3. An Add Image panel displays.
    Screenshot of Add image panel
  4. Use this panel to upload the image to the survey. Either: 
    • drag and drop the image file into the box (in JPEG or PNG format), or  
    • navigate to a file and upload it manually. 
  5. The image will upload and appear beside the spatial view.  
    Georef image alongside spatial view
    • A message will appear with instructions to place 2 or more pairs of control points.
      ScreenMessage says 'Place 2 or more pairs of control points by selecting a mark in the map (left) and then the corresponding position on the image (right). Hit esc to exit.'
    • A Control points panel will appear at the bottom right of the screen, which displays the positioning of the image against the spatial view.
  6. Position the image with control points.  
    Control points panel over georef image, and image opacity scroller
    • Select the control points in each respective screen. Two points are required, but selecting a third gives redundancy. 
    • As you add these, you will see the results of the geo-referencing on the Control points panel
  7. Select the Complete button on the Control points panel to confirm the position of the image, or 
    • delete a control point by selecting the X next to it, then add another control point 
    • press Esc to exit. 
      Screenshot of Control points panel with 'Complete' button highlighted
  8. The image will now appear aligned with the map. 
    Georef image with map overlay
  9. To manage the georeferenced image, go to the Layers panel, under Georeferenced images. 
    Layers panel with 'Georeferenced images' slider highlighted
    • Use the slider to determine the level of opacity of the image. 
    • Select the tick box to show the image in the spatial view, or select X to remove this image from the survey. A message will ask ‘Are you sure you want to delete xxx?’ Select Delete. 
      Delete georeferenced image message box with 'Delete' button highlighted
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