Irregular lines

You can include 3 types of irregular lines into your survey – water boundaries, irregular boundaries and water centreline boundaries.


  • An irregular boundary is represented on a plan by an irregular line drawn between 2 surveyed positions. Irregular boundaries can be captured:  
    • by adopting an irregular line that already exists in Landonline 
    • from a previously approved survey, such as tracing over an irregular line on a previous survey plan 
    • from new survey work provided by the surveyor, such as an irregular boundary imported as part of a LandXML file 
    • by tracing over aerial imagery. 
  • To capture an irregular line, you must have a start and end position as part of your survey. These cannot be the same position, such as drawing around a lake or island and starting and ending at the same point. 
  • For irregular boundaries, you must also populate the relevant fields in Landonline such as capture type, legal description, and physical description. 
  • The exception process may be required if any existing nodes in Landonline are likely to cause distortion to your irregular line.

For functionality common across a number of panels, see The panels section.

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