Delete an irregular boundary using the Irregular lines panel

You can only delete an irregular line which was captured in your survey. You cannot delete an existing irregular boundary in Landonline.

What to do

  1. Select the Irregular lines button on the left-hand workflow control bar
    Toolbar with 'Irregular lines' icon highlighted
  2. The Irregular lines panel appears showing a summary of the irregular lines in the survey. 
    Irregular lines panel with three-dot menu and 'Delete' option highlighted
  3. Select the row of the boundary you want to delete.  
    • If needed, you can select multiple rows to delete at the same time.  
  4. Click the three-dot icon menu at the end of the row, to bring up the dropdown. Select Delete
  5. A warning message appears saying ‘Deleting a line cannot be undone. This will unlink any parcel that this line belongs to’.
    Warning message 'Deleting a line cannot be undone'
  6. Select Delete to delete, or Cancel to return to the Irregular lines panel. 
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