Record a renewed, reinstated or removed mark

You can record details of a renewed mark that already exists in Landonline. You record these in the Marks panel.

What to do

  • Capture the mark details for the new mark.
  • Select Renewed from the Condition field.
Screenshot of selecting renewed from conditions field
  • Use the node picker to select the corresponding existing mark in Landonline or enter the Node ID for the corresponding existing mark.  If there is no existing mark in Landonline, left click in the box next to ‘There is no node’.
Screenshot of using node picker for renewed node
  • If there is a valid node id, the Name of renewed mark field will be automatically populated.  Otherwise type in the name of the original mark name. 
  • Select Continue to complete the mark entry.  In the spatial window a green box should appear for the renewed mark position.
Screenshot of renewed node select continue
  •  A light green box highlights the mark as being renewed.
    Screenshot of renewed node green box around node
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