Unlink a mark

You can unlink marks in two ways by using the:

  • Marks panel
  • Spatial view (map).

Both methods remove the link between the marks.


  1. To unlink a mark in the Marks panel:
    • Select the Marks icon to open the Marks panel, select the more actions (three dots) menu at the end of a Mark row

    • Select Unlink.
Screenshot of unlink a mark from the marks panel
  1. To unlink a mark in the Spatial view:
    • Navigate to the area you require.
    • Left mouse click to select the Captured Mark(s)
    • Right click to bring up the menu.
    • Select Unlink this mark (or marks). You will see a pop-up message confirming you have unlinked the mark(s).
Screenshot of unlinking a mark from spatial view
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