Link mark by Node ID

Where multiple existing marks are located in close proximity, it may be easier to link captured marks by using Node IDs instead of trying to select the corresponding marks using the mouse.

To find a Node ID for an existing mark

What to do

  1. Select the Layers icon from the toolbar on the right-hand side of the spatial view.
    Toolbar with layers icon highlighted
  2. Turn on the underlying marks from the Marks list.
    Layers menu with Underlying marks toggle highlighted
  3. Select the Inspect and adopt icon from the toolbar on the right-hand side of the spatial view.
    Toolbar with Inspect and adopt icon highlighted
    Left click on the existing mark. A detail panel will display the information for that mark. The node id is the first number in the list. Hover the mouse pointer over the node id to display the Copy to clipboard icon.
    Detail panel with copy to clipboard option highlighted

Link a captured mark by Node ID

What to do

Once you have the Node ID copied to the clipboard, or if the Node ID is known, you are ready to link a captured mark by Node ID.

  1. Open the Marks panel.
  2. Select the three-dot icon and then select Link by Node ID.
    Marks panel with three-dot icon and Link by Node ID highlighted
  3. A pop-up window will appear. In the Node ID field, type in the Node ID if known, or use CTRL+V (or right click and select Paste) to add the Node ID number. You can use the arrows, or arrow keys, to increase or decrease the node ID value by 1 number.
    Link mark window with Node ID field and arrow keys highlighted
  4. Select Continue to continue, or Cancel to cancel the operation.
    Link mark window with Continue highlighted
  5. If the node number is not valid, you see an error message. Enter the correct node ID number and select Continue again.
    Link mark window with error message 'Landonline doesn't have a record of this node. Please try again'
  6. If the Node number is valid, you see a pop-up message confirming the mark was successfully linked and the node will show as linked in the Marks panel.
    Pop-up message 'The mark was successfully linked'
    Marks panel with Link column highlighted
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