Authoritative news and information for survey and title customers.

Archived newsletters

June 2017 - Issue 135 (PDF) (PDF 163KB)

  • Digisign2 download and installation instructions (for signing customers only)
  • Checklists for registration requirements and common problem areas

May 2017 - Issue 134 (PDF) (PDF 214KB)

  • Information about the Surveyor-General’s Guidelines in the KnowledgeBase


March 2017 - Issue 133 (PDF) (PDF 301KB)

  • Known Issues for e-dealing
  • April deadline for the old Land Transfer Tax Statement
  • Information for Canterbury surveyors

November 2016 - Issue 132 (PDF) (PDF 237KB)

  • Finding NZVD2016 heights
  • Changes to the Land Transfer Tax Statement
  • Proof of identity for dealings
  • Lapsing a Caveat
  • Information for Canterbury lawyers and conveyancers
  • Information for Canterbury surveyors
  • Kaikoura earthquakes


October2016 - Issue 131 (PDF) (PDF 2MB)

  • Release notes for surveyors


September 2016 - Issue 130 (PDF) (PDF 85KB)


July 2016 - Issue 129 (PDF) (PDF 119KB)

  • Scanning and attaching documents in Landonline
  • New vertical datum
  • Nationwide coordinate update

June 2016 - Issue 128 (PDF) (PDF 170KB)

  • Transfer your Digital Certificate
  • Nationwide update to geodetic coordinates 2016
  • Property transfers and tax residency data

May 2016 - Issue 127 (PDF) (PDF 341KB)

  • Self-assessment questionnaire for law firms
  • Landonline Requests - Survey
  • Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS) Project

March 2016 - Issue 126 (PDF) (PDF 100KB)

  • Expiry of the contract date exemption for Land Transfer Tax Statements
  • Authority to enter land
  • Geodetic survey control network

February 2016 - Issue 125 (PDF) (PDF 94KB)

  • Consultation on draft cadastral survey rules for Canterbury
  • Survey report: Tips for compliance with Rule 8.2
  • System support and software downloads
  • Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets - LINZS70000

December 2015 - Issue 124 (PDF) (PDF 309KB)

  • Information for Canterbury surveyors
  • Property tax compliance requirements
  • Property tax compliance FAQs
  • Landonline requests for dealings
  • Lapsing a Caveat
  • Prioritising Landonline enhancements

November 2015 - Issue 123 (PDF) (PDF 99KB)

  • Entering tax information - exemptions and non-notifiables
  • Correction of tax information requests
  • Proof of identity for dealings
  • Lapsing a Caveat


October 2015 - Issue 122 (PDF) (PDF 51KB)

  • Update on CSD processing times
  • Property tax compliance requirements
  • LINZ expands survey and titles team
  • LINZ’s geodetic mark mobile app is being improved


September 2015 - Issue 121 (PDF) (PDF 51KB)

  • Landonline unavailable on Saturday 26 September
  • Modernising Access to Landonline
  • Preparing PositioNZ-RT for Multi-GNSS – can you connect?

August 2015 - Issue 120 (PDF) (PDF 150KB)

  • Landonline unavailable Saturday 8 August
  • Update on CSD processing times
  • New automated survey report
  • Naming roads over private land
  • Recent changes to Authority and Instruction (A&I) forms
  • Taxation (Land Information and Offshore Persons Information) Bill

July 2015 - Issue 119 (PDF) (PDF 117KB)

  • Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS) – an update for Landonline users
  • Landonline disaster recovery test now postponed
  • Prioritisation of Landonline workspace enhancements
  • Headings for Schedule and Memorandum of Easements
  • Using the new NZ drivers licence for e-dealing proof of identity
  • Are you planning on upgrading to Windows 10?
  • Taxation (Land Information and Offshore Persons Information) Bill


May 2015 - Issue 118 (PDF) (PDF 82KB)

  • Landonline 3.11 release
  • Issues running Landonline on Windows XP
  • Boundary marking surveys
  • Exception requests
  • CSD processing times
  • Annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire for law firms and conveyancers

April 2015 - Issue 117 (PDF) (PDF 62KB)

  • Landonline maintenance release 3.11
  • Improving the CSD validation and approval process
  • Processing CSDs in areas of Christchurch affected by widespread shallow surface movement


March 2015 - Issue 116 (PDF) (PDF 77KB)

  • Landonline conversion to UTF-8 (Easter weekend)
  • Internet Explorer news
  • Parcels without Survey Information type CSDs
  • The KnowledgeBase

February 2015 - Issue 115 (PDF) (PDF 67KB)

  • Landonline software requirements and support
  • Avoiding delays in the Plan Generation batch process
  • Update on Landonline performance

December 2014 - Issue 114 (PDF) (PDF 210KB)

  • PositioNZ-PP: Online GNSS post-processing service now available
  • Caveat lapsing period
  • Search and printing tips
  • Landonline performance
  • LINZ and Landonline to close over Christmas and New Year


October-November 2014 - Issue 113 (PDF) (PDF 74KB)

  • Caveat lapsing period
  • LandXML extract file size increased
  • Change to Gazette references
  • Corrections
  • Discrepancy in Names
  • LINZ and Landonline to close over Christmas and New Year


September 2014 - Issue 112 (PDF) (PDF 399KB)

  • Digital certificate downloads in Internet Explorer 11
  • Customers provide input into LINZ website refresh
  • Finding dealings/requests in workspace
  • The effects of changing the order of registration, or adding documents or titles to an e-dealing
  • Scanning and attaching documents in Landonline
  • Height order changes


August 2014 - Issue 111 (PDF) (PDF 698KB)

  • Auto-save (file recovery)
  • Joint Lawyers and Surveyors Workshop
  • Setting up an e-dealing affecting cross leases
  • Certifications for multi party instruments
  • Setting up an e-dealing instrument with multiple parties
  • Conveyancing Self-Assessment Results 2013/14
  • Non-primary Parcels: Ascertained and Verified explained
  • Depicting changes to Units and Common Property in the CSD diagrams
  • Appellations for Māori land affected by legalisation surveys
  • Pre-validation Reporting


July 2014 - Issue 110 (PDF) (PDF 289KB)

  • Transmissions under section 72 Property Law Act 2007
  • Canterbury Earthquake Disturbed Geodetic Marks
  • A&I forms just got better
  • Advanced Survey and Title Services update
  • Provide feedback on the LINZ website refresh
  • Uniprint settings


June 2014 - Issue 109 (PDF) (PDF 74KB)

  • Changes to software support policy
  • LINZ website refresh
  • Seeking your feedback
  • Advanced Survey and Title Services update
  • Updates to Canterbury geodetic coordinates


May 2014 - Issue 108 (PDF) (PDF 147KB)

  • Landonline release 3.10 on its way
  • Instruments should not contain personal information and correspondence
  • Transmissions – Key issues
  • Requisition fee waiver to end
  • Temporary Dispensation from Datum Connection (Rule 4.2) for Canterbury surveys has expired
  • Capture of Unit Development Plans in Landonline - updated version available


March 2014 - Issue 107 (PDF) (PDF 144KB)

  • Landonline and Customer Support Easter Hours
  • Landonline Citrix security warnings
  • What’s coming up for customers in the next Landonline release
  • LINZ website refresh - help us structure the site
  • Variations of mortgage and mortgagee consent


February 2014 - Issue 106 (PDF) (PDF 930KB)

  • Changes in the Office of the Surveyor-General
  • Printing from the Search Results window
  • Help LINZ make a website that helps you
  • Increase in number of titles that can be entered in a dealing
  • Providing Survey Mark Feedback
  • Understanding Mark Purposes


January 2014 - Issue 105 (PDF) (PDF 104KB)

  • South Island Coordinate Update completed
  • Proof of identity for dealings
  • Register now for Locate14
  • Interim guideline to aspects of survey requirements applicable to Māori land surveys
  • Interim guideline to sea boundaries and the Marine and Coastal Area Act


December 2013 - Issue 104 (PDF) (PDF 87KB)

  • Title memorials data now available from the LINZ Data Service
  • Survey Observation data now available from the LINZ Data Service
  • LandXML plugin for Quantum GIS
  • Finalised standard: lodgement of cadastral survey datasets
  • Overlapping non-primary parcels


October 2013 - Issue 103 (PDF) (PDF 96KB)

  • IE10 is now supported by LINZ
  • Landonline Disaster Recovery test happening over the weekend of 9/10 November 2013
  • Landonline Survey Plan Generation update
  • Revised Registrar-General of Land guidelines
  • Conveyancing Professional availability over the Christmas and New Year Period
  • CR and EC instrument codes to be made historic on 1 December 2013
  • Changing or correcting names - new guideline
  • Identity verification standard - new version
  • Geodetic control workshop material from NZIS conference now available


September 2013 - Issue 102 (PDF) (PDF 83KB)

  • Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011 guideline for registration
  • Notice of Claim – When the spouse, civil union or de facto partner of the claimant is not the registered proprietor
  • Cadastral Strategy - Summary of Submissions
  • Capturing Existing Units in Landonline
  • Post-Earthquake Geodetic Coordinates Available for Canterbury


August 2013 - Issue 101 (PDF) (PDF 196KB)

  • Improvements to Online Plan Layout functionality, and decommission of Offline Plan Generation functionality
  • Firm mergers and closures in Landonline
  • Vendor A&I forms – Tips to ensure the purchaser’s details are captured correctly
  • Instructions from ANZ
  • LINZ cannot deposit plans with lapsed section 223 approvals
  • e-lodged instruments may only affect one instrument
  • Don’t lose access to the PositioNZ real time service
  • Unproven marks in areas of ground movement


July 2013 - Issue 100 (PDF) (PDF 91KB)

  • Landonline spatial data update delay
  • No survivorship
  • A self-assessment tool to assess your e-dealing processes and controls
  • Post-Earthquake Normal Orthometric Heights Available for Canterbury
  • Temporary Dispensation - Horizontal Datum Connection (Rule 4.2) for Canterbury
  • Unproven marks in areas of ground movement


May 2013 - Issue 99 (PDF) (PDF 144KB)

  • Landonline spatial data update planned
  • LINZ to provide easier access to land records
  • Printing from the Search Results window
  • Significant failures to comply with the Rules for Cadastral Survey


April 2013 - Issue 98 (PDF) (PDF 195KB)

  • Changes to 0800 ONLINE service
  • Lease for life and transmission upon the death of the lessee
  • Using the A & I facility in Landonline saves time and reduces errors
  • Draft standard: lodgement of Cadastral Survey Datasets


March 2013 - Issue 97 (PDF) (PDF 106KB)

  • A reminder to update your Landonline contact details
  • Landonline release 3.9 on its way
  • Windows 64 bit versions now supported
  • New Landonline Software
  • Easter Operating Hours for Landonline and Customer Support
  • Authorisation and withdrawal of caveats
  • South Island Coordinate Update
  • Proof of identity for high risk transactions
  • Changing or correcting names in the RGL’s record


February 2013 - Issue 96 (PDF) (PDF 103KB)

  • Reset your Landonline password
  • Resetting Landonline window positions
  • Upcoming Landonline 3.9 & 3.10 releases
  • Post Registration Searches upon registration of an e-dealing – who receives them
  • Easement Certificate (EC) instrument type to be removed from Landonline Workspace
  • Depicting the relationship between a non-primary parcel and its underlying parcel
  • Unlicensed surveyors undertaking redefinition surveys


January 2013 - Issue 95 (PDF) (PDF 77KB)

  • Raising our Customer CARE
  • Compliance requirements for discharge authorities received via propel-lc
  • Which dataset type – Survey, or Parcels without Survey Information?
  • National Geodetic Office Update


December 2012 - Issue 94 (PDF) (PDF 119KB)

  • Viewing notices in workspace
  • Requests to process a transaction with urgency
  • Entering Multiple Mortgagee Names
  • Diagram requirements for Private Drain Certificates (s461 Local Government Act 1974)
  • Getting adopted vectors correct
  • Interpreting the amended Rules for Cadastral Survey
  • Extension of consultation period on the Strategy for Developing the Cadastre
  • Capture of connections to water or irregular boundaries


October 2012 - Issue 93 (PDF) (PDF 125KB)

  • New UniPrint client available for download
  • Pre-set instrument lists for e-dealings based on common transactions
  • Completion of A&I forms and nominations
  • Compliance requirements for ANZ discharge authorities received via SOLD
  • Extra Protection for PRMs
  • Mark Linking
  • Seeking your feedback: A 10–20 Year Strategy for Developing the Cadastre
  • Amended Rules for Cadastral Survey
  • CSD Fee problem in Landonline


September 2012 - Issue 92 (PDF) (PDF 100KB)

  • Separate Request Manual Copy searches for each document you require
  • Certificates under ss 223 and 224 Resource Management Act 1991 – when to include as part of the dealing to deposit the plan
  • Resubmitting dealings
  • Bodies corporate created under the Unit Titles Act 1972 –1 October 2012 and the Unit Titles Act 2010
  • CSD Fee problem in Landonline
  • Interim standard for mark protection (Canterbury Earthquake)
  • 'Unit' or 'Principal Unit' on staged unit developments
  • Survey of Existing Non-LINZ Structures to Provide Orientation


August 2012 - Issue 91 (PDF) (PDF 205KB)

  • UniPrint options may result in incomplete printed products
  • Landonline aspatial data now available from the LINZ Data Service
  • Dealings affecting leasehold estates
  • Review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey
  • An easier way to submit geodetic mark information


July 2012 - Issue 90 (PDF) (PDF 53KB)

  • Reminder of new requisition or rejection clarification process
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