Record a disturbed mark

Use this process to record details of a disturbed mark that has previously been recorded in Landonline as reliable.


This process records details of a disturbed mark that has previously been recorded in Landonline as reliable. This mark physically exists but is not in its original position as defined by previous surveys.

The mark is not disturbed if its change in position is due to fault zone movement or due to Canterbury earthquake movement (Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 rule 108).

What to do

  1. In the Marks panel, record the disturbed mark as a new mark because it now lies in a new position defined by the e-survey.
    • Review the Name field to make sure this mark has a new mark reference. You may have already created the mark reference in the Vector panel.

      Marks panel with Name field highlighted
    • Complete the fields in the Marks panel. Select Non Boundary as the Purpose for the disturbed mark.

      Marks panel with Non Boundary highlighted
  2. Select Disturbed from the list in the Condition field for the mark. 

    Marks panel with 'Disturbed' highlighted

    A new window will appear entitled Match disturbed marks.

    Match disturbed marks window
  3. Use the node picker to select the corresponding existing mark in Landonline or enter the Node ID for the corresponding existing mark.

    Match disturbed marks window with node picker icon highlighted
  4. If there is no existing mark in Landonline, left click in the box next to ‘There is no node’. 

    Match disturbed marks window with box beside 'There is no node' highlighted
  5. If there is a valid node id, the Name of the disturbed mark field will be automatically populated. Otherwise type in the name of the original mark name. 

    Match disturbed marks window with 'Name of disturbed mark' field highlighted
  6. Select Continue to complete the mark entry.  In the spatial window a red box should appear for the disturbed mark position. This red box highlights the mark as being disturbed.

    Spatial window with a red box

The original mark may also need to be captured as an adopted mark, if it is relevant to the survey.

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