The New Zealand Marine Geospatial Information (NZMGI) Working Group facilitates national collaboration and leverage opportunities to grow the value of MGI investments and benefits for all NZ.

The NZMGI Working Group was established in February 2019. It is made up of over 150 members from across Government, Māori / iwi groups, Crown Research Institutes, universities, charity and community groups, and private sector companies.

The Steering Group coordinates the activities of the NZMGI Working Group and oversees the development and implementation of a national marine geospatial work programme.

Join us

If you are interested in being involved in, or finding out more about, the NZMGI Working Group, email us at with 'Attn: NZMGI Working Group' in the subject line.

Work programme

The MGI work programme consists of prioritised projects, each contributing towards the goals of the working group.

The projects within the work programme are led by different members of the steering group.

NZMGI Working Group road map 2021-2022 project timeline roadmap [click to expand]

Keep up to date

We created Pānui Ahumoana to increase communication with the NZMGI Working Group and the wider community. Pānui means to announce or notify in te reo and is reflective of this newsletter’s purpose. Ahumoana relates to the marine environment. We will publish Pānui Ahumoana every few months to keep the NZMGI Working Group informed on relevant updates and progress of our work.

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Working Group meetings

The NZMGI Working Group meets one to two times per year, either in person or virtually. All members are encouraged to participate.

Agendas and minutes of meetings
11 Nov 2021 - online meeting (DOCX 618KB)
Meeting video
Meeting presentation (PDF 12MB)
28 Jul 2020 – online meeting (DOCX 257KB)
11 Sep 2019 – in person meeting (DOCX 815KB)
19 Feb 2019 – in person meeting (DOCX 32KB)

    Steering Group meetings

    The Steering Group meets every two months either in person or virtually.

    Minutes of meetings
    17 Feb 2022 (DOCX 248KB)
    16 Dec 2021 (DOCX 595KB)
    17 Jun 2021 (DOCX 87KB)
    15 Apr 2021 (DOCX 249KB)
    18 Feb 2021 (DOCX 254KB)
    17 Dec 2020 (DOCX 256KB)
    18 Sep 2020 (DOCX 253KB)
    27 May 2020 (DOCX 254KB)
    6 Mar 2020 (DOCX 253KB)
    4 Dec 2019 (DOCX 33KB)
    16 Oct 2019 (DOCX 31KB)
    Last Updated: 1 April 2022