Organisations and websites that relate to the Overseas Investment Office.

Ministers and legislation

Find out more about Overseas Investment Office legislation, Ministers and delegated powers.


New Zealand Government Ministers (Minister of Finance, Minister for Land Information and Minister of Fisheries).

Legislation New Zealand

Full text of the Overseas Investment Act 2005, Overseas Investment Regulations 2005 and Fisheries Act 1996.

New Zealand Gazette

Official newspaper of the New Zealand Government.


New Zealand government services

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Investment Team

Provides services for overseas investors and can help manage regulatory requirements.

Immigration New Zealand

Residence class visas.

New Zealand Now website for a simple online tool to help overseas people work out whether they are eligible to buy a home and live in it.

New Zealand Companies Office

For registering an overseas company in New Zealand and certificate of incorporation.

Commerce Commission

Considers applications for authorisation in relation to anti-competitive behaviour and mergers.

Ministry of Economic Development

Provides information about the OECD's guidelines to help multinational enterprises operate in harmony with the policies and societal expectations of the countries in which they conduct business.

Department of Conservation

Information about land held for conservation purposes.

Statistics New Zealand

Provides labour force surveys, foreign direct investment component of the balance of payments statistics.

New Zealand Walking Access Commission

Administers the Walking Access Mapping System (WAMS) that provides a view of the legal boundaries of public land, public walking access and administrative boundaries in New Zealand.


Other organisations

New Zealand Law Society

Provides information about engaging a lawyer in New Zealand.

Territorial Authorities

May hold additional information to that found in district plans and planning maps.

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga

Record of registered historic places.

New Zealand Institute of Surveyors

Information about licenced cadastral surveyors in New Zealand.

Last Updated: 24 May 2021